Science Teacher (AP Biology)

Company Name:
Madison County School System
Qualifications: Valid Georgia secondary school teaching certificate in appropriate areas. Experience with co-teaching model; knowledge and experience with WIDA/MPI creation preferred. AP Biology certified and teaching experience at the high school level desired.
Job Responsibilities:
1. Plan and implement lessons for students enrolled in GPS curriculum.
2. Collaborate with Data Teams to develop common plans, assessments and grading
3. Plan and implement co-teaching lessons, if necessary
4. Understand the importance of remediation and developing strategies which meet the needs of the students
5. Tutor after school, if necessary
6. Attend outside meetings through RESA and the State during the school year and summer
7. Develop differentiated instructional strategies which meet the needs of the students
8. Assist with extra-curricular activities
9. Prepare students for the AP Biology exam through appropriate training and instruction
10. Be will to coach
Application: Interested individuals should apply at .

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